My bud Maxwell



Maxwell is a pretty simple guy – his life revolves around eating and sleeping ….. and eating.  He comes to life twice a day, coincidentally, first thing in the morning and late in the afternoon at feeding time.  He’s a big fella, topping the scale these days at 30 lbs.
Like me, he’s an early riser but thinks I have nothing better to do every day than to jump out of bed at precisely 6am to dump a scoop of food in the ol’ dinner bowl.  He’s got no concept of what a weekend is :-(.  No matter how hard I try, or where in the house he is, he knows the distinctive  sound of those kitty nuggets bouncing off the bottom of his bowl and instantly reverts to a kitten and races for the bowl.

All in all he’s a good guy – never at a loss for doing something that will make you smile.

Image captured with a Nikon D3, Nikon 85f1.4 on Lexar digital media

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