Ready to Print



I’ve had few questions lately about my work flow for working an image for printing and over this past weekend I prep’d an image so I thought I’d go through a few steps.

This was taken early in the morning before sunrise and shows how using HDR can pull out a picture that only a few years ago would have been almost imposable. This is a of 5 images merged together with Photomatix and cleaned up a bit in Photoshop. The plane is lit from the outside hangar lights off to the left and the clouds were softened by the strong costal winds.

As you can see in the lower image there were numerous buildings and lights that I wanted to remove. This is where working on a tablet really shines. I’m currently using a Wacom 13HD connected to a MacBook Pro but any of the Intuos tablets will get the job done nicely. I did my editing in Photoshop CC to eliminate the unwanted elements in the background.

For me the time invested cleaning up the background yielded simple and clean print.

Image from a Nikon 3x, 24-70mm/f2.8.

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