Looking for Color


My favorite time on of the year is quickly approaching; as the summer heat fades away and the nip of Autumn fills the morning sky natures colors begin to show their beauty.

Moose and I are heading north east to Maine and New Hampshire is a few weeks to chase this natural beauty so it’s time starting thinking about what kind of images I’m after which will help me make my choices about that gear to bring along.  Long glass, wide glass, pano’s, HDR, long exposures, filters?  It seems like the choices are limitless but thankfully the airlines limit me on how much I can lug along with me.  I find also that if I bring too much gear I work less efficiently so I want to travel as light as possible.  So below is a picture of what I’l be carrying along with a good tripod.  I’m sure at some point on the trip I’ll wish I had something with me that I don’t but ……… traveling is always an adventure.



Safe travels.

K&M just had a spot open up, if you’re interested in joining us on our photographic adventure, please give us a call at 760.924.8632 / 661.204.1506.


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