K & M Adventures


Time to start thinking about packing the gear up to hit the road for the first K & M Adventure .  It’s a new workshop series that I’m privileged to do with my longtime friend and shooting bud Moose Peterson.  I’m excited to kick off this new series of photo opportunities, to do a little traveling and to meet the new folks who will be joining us.

Usually, the first question I’m asked is what gear are you going to bring with you?  It’s a great question and not an easy one to give a simple answer to.  As an example, the upcoming trip is a landscape photography trip.  I know that I’ll want both ends of the spectrum from wide angle to telephoto. 



Pictured is what I pack for a typical landscape outing.

With the primary focus being landscapes, I like wide angle lenses that gives me plenty of latitude to incorporate the sky along with enough of the surroundings to lead the viewer into the photograph.  I carry a 16f2.8mm fisheye along with a 14-24f2.8mm ultra wide angle lens.

The standard lens that I always keep close by is the 24-70f2.8 which over the years has proven to be a very versatile lens.

If I need a little more reach than the 24-70f2.8 can muster the 70-200f2.8 is a very sharp piece of glass that works as great for landscapes as it does for portraits.  It also has the versatility to be used with a teleconverter which can double the focal length.

Lastly, I carry a 200-400f2.8 that covers about everything else.  A telephoto lens of this focal length works great for compressing a landscape.  This lens too works excellently with a teleconverter if needed.  

Other odds and ends would be a flash, a few filters, cable release, flashlight, and extra flash cards. 

Hope to see you out in the field.





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