Just the First Few Frames …..


A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending one of Moose Peterson’s Air 2 Air workshops.  If you have a passion for photographing airplanes,  this workshop should be at the top of your Must Do List. 

I’ve already posted a couple of static shots from the Air Museum in Galveston but the real fun was to be had in the air.  I was glad I had the D3’s loaded up with 32GB flash cards.

 These are from the first few minutes as we departed the airport had headed west of town. 

 This is one of the situations where I’ll set the camera to shutter priority mode instead of my usual aperture priority mode so I don’t stop the propeller.  There’s just something unnatural about an airplane flying with the prop frozen.  There an old flying saying that comes to mind.  The propeller is just a big fan in the front of the plane to keep the pilot cool. Want
proof?  Make it stop, then watch the pilot break out into a sweat.  So by starting out with a shutter speed of around 1/125 sec you should get an acceptable prop arc blur.  The slower you go with the shutter, the nicer the it should get to a point.  You have to watch the sharpness of your image as you are handholding the camera in a flying airplane.  It’s important to use proper hand holding technique to use slow shutter speeds and maintain subject sharpness.

 Nikon D3x/D3, Nikkor 70-200f2.8/24-70 f2.8


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