I could have missed this


I can’t say I’m perfect at it but I try to keep a camera either on me or close by.  A lot of the time it’s for not but sometimes it comes in handy to capture those moments that can just unfold in front of us.

The above picture looks pretty normal, a small airplane taxiing as the sun lights up the morning sky but for my Student Pilot, Gonzalo, this is a moment will remember for a long time.
After countless hours of studying the why’s and how’s about what makes an airplane fly and enduring the flight instruction learning how to keep it in the air he was ready to take that first flight without his instructor pilot, me, sitting in that right seat.

I wasn’t sure that morning if that was going to be the day Gonzalo would solo but as I got out of my car and headed for the airplane I grabbed my camera that I had sitting next to my flight bag.  Turned out that my instincts were right, the odds of capturing those special moments goes up exponentially if you have your camera with you.

Congrats Gonzalo,

Nikon D3, Nikkor 24-70f2.8

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