Working It


Change it up.

 After working this Mountain Bluebird awhile I started down the ‘what if ……. ‘ line of thinking.  The last thing I was looking for was 250 images of the Blue Bird that basically looked the exactly the same.  So in an attempt to capture some movement of the bird flying in and out of the nest, to tell the story of what was going on, I began to drag the shutter so soften the wings to add some dynamics to the image.  At the same time I wanted to keep the eyes sharp – moving bird, blurred wings, sharp eyes, not always easy to get in one click.

Shooting in Aperture Priority  Mode, I closed down the aperture to 1/125 sec which in turn slowed down the shutter speed.  This is really just a personal taste thing as you’re just trying to find a blur that you like.  It takes a little experimentation knowing that not all the images are going to be keepers but nowadays pixels are cheap.   

Nikon D3x, Nikkor 70-200f2.8 VR II

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