Almost ….


This image just didn’t work.

I took this image to work as an HDR image, it was from a 7 frame bracketed exposure.  As I was getting ready to shoot, it started to rain and the car owner was walking towards the car to put it back in its garage.  I ripped off the exposure but after looking at on the computer it just doesn’t work for me – that’s how photography is sometimes.

Because of the overcast sky the exposure latitude is way more than the camera can handle with a single click.  By taking a series of bracketed shots that problem can be handled but I don’t like the grasses blowing in the wind that with a little time could have been fixed.

It’s another one of those learning experiences we all have out in the field.  There are a lot of ‘almost’ shots that usually are not seen but are invaluable experiences in your growth as a photographer.

Image captured with a Nikon D3x, 14-24f2.8.

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