Opaekaa Falls


Today I spent some time playing with HDR.  I took this image, actually series of images, of Opaekaa Falls in Kauai.

The exposure was simply to great for a single image to capture it so I bracketed the exposure to try and capture the needed information in the shadows as well as the highlights.

Not having a good background in HDR’s this is an image comprised of 9 images.  After working this I feel I should have slid the overall exposure another stop or two lower.  I have a slight halo just above the trees that I think would have been avoided if I had an exposure a touch darker.  I used NIK HDR Efex Pro to do the heavy lifting of putting the 9 D3x together.

I’ll need to put some time into HDR’s before I’ll be comfortable looking at a landscape and knowing how much I can pull out of it on the computer.  As I found out today, these can take a substantial amount of time on the computer to finish, not something I’m not use to doing.  I’ve seen some incredible HDR prints so I’m going to stick with this to see where it leads me.

Image captured with a Nikon D3x, 70-200f2.8 AF-S VR II.

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