The Gift


Today as I was out walking with my camera in a congested area in Bangalore I walked past this woman sitting on the side walk. She looked up at me as I was walking by,  made eye contact then pointed to her eyes while looking at the camera that was slung over my shoulder.
I stopped and paused for a second and then asked her if she wanted her picture taken.  I don’t think she understood what I said, or if she understood english but she again pointed at her eyes.
So I took a couple of pictures and turned the camera around so she could see her portrait on the camera’s LCD.  She looked at it for a few short moments, then looked back up at me and smiled as she raised her tiny hand out to shake my hand.
I was moved by her kindness and thankful for the lasting gift that she had graciously given me.

Image captured with a Nikon D3x, 24-70f2.8

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