For Joe


The weekend was winding down and the weather wasn’t all that great but I was feeling the need to capture some pixels.  As I was pondering what to photograph my daughter happened to be coming up the stairs and the light hitting her from the staircase window caught my interest.

I’m much more comfortable photographing critters and landscapes but once in awhile I venture out of my comfort zone and try to expand my photographic boundaries.  Watching Joe McNally’s slideshows during the DLWS workshops always inspires me.  How he can see, and masterfully make a photograph come together, absolutely amazes me.

So here is my baseline, my starting point, just ambient window light coupled with the razor sharp Nikon 200f2 wide open at f2.0.  If Karissa is willing next time I’ll get the speedlights out to see if I can take this to the next level.

Image captured with a Nikon D3, 200f2 VR handheld.

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