Thinking back to Summer


The current issue of the BT Journal arrived in the mail yesterday.  As I removed it from its envelope, I caught a quick glance of the cover and immediately smiled, as it was a grizzly bear from Brooks Falls, Alaska.  My mind raced back to that trip this past summer where my wife, Janet and I met up with had with Moose, Sharon and Jake Peterson at Brooks Camp.

Looking at that photograph, just a single frozen slice in time, had the ability to rewind time for me and evoke a multitude of memories from that week at Brooks.  Even though I have been there more than a couple of times, what really makes the trip special for me are the people I’m sharing the experience with.

I can’t wait to get back there with someone who hasn’t had the Brooks experience and camp with the bears again.

Image captured with a Nikon D3, 600f4 VR

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